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Teenagers, students and adult learners with learning, reading or writing difficulties may be eligible for examination concessions. A professional assessment will help you make the case.

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Educational Psychological Assessments

Fees and Cancellations

I would be grateful if unavoidable cancellations could be notified as far ahead as possible as I may be able to offer another client the missed appointment.

The assessment fee of £545 is payable on the day of the appointment either by cash or cheque. Credit/debit card facilities are available.

I am happy to complete any necessary claims forms as required by various different insurance companies. It is worth checking if you are covered for this type of assessment. The duty of payment, however, remains with the individual or parent and payment must be made at the time of the assessment. Reports will not be issued until payment has been made.

Reports and Confidentiality

Two copies of the report will be posted to clients within a three-week period from the date of the assessment.

Educational psychologists work closely with children, parents and schools and it would normally be expected that parents would send the second copy to the school. Parents are, however, under no obligation to send a report to the school and I would not do so myself unless specifically requested to do so by the parents.

Similarly I would normally expect that parents would wish me to respond to telephone calls or correspondence from the child’s school or private tutor. If parents do not want this liaison they should inform me.